Join us for a three-day symposium on György Lukács’s 1954 work, „The Destruction of Reason“, one of the most important works of philosophy in the 20th century.


Mariana Teixeira, Freie Universität; BerlinVanessa Wills, George Washington University; Dirk Moses, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Adrian Johnston, University of New Mexico; Daniel Lopez, Jacobin Magazine; Ishay Landa, Open University of Israel; Margit Köves, Delhi University; Carl Sachs, Marymount University; Tijana Okić, Scuola Normale Superiore

Hosted by Study Groups On Psychoanalysis and Politics

Verso Books

Deakin University

Organized by Daniel Tutt/ Matthew Sharpe…/philosophy-and-the-rise-of…